World Premiere
Heitronic Asia Industrial Ltd. is a young and innovative supplier especially for lighting solutions.

Our product range covers illuminants, indoor and outdoor lighting, garden lighting as well as solar lighting.
We guarantee a high quality for all our products. To achieve a high quality standard we inspect our suppliers regularly and test the products locally. We also have our own quality testing and inspection office in Germany and Asia to fulfill the international quality standards and the customer requirements.

Based on the co-operation with Heitronic Germany (www.heitronic.com) we are already known on the European market. Small orders can be delivered directly from Germany. Contrary to that Heitronic Asia is specialized in FOB-deliveries from China.
Please note that on this website we are just presenting a small spectrum of our product range.
For our highly motivated and professional staff quality and service is a natural requirement. We will always persist in the basic strategy of selling lighting products with high quality standards, with the best service and at reasonable prices.

We look forward to a successful future and we invite you to share it with us.
HEITRONIC ASIA Industrial Ltd. 
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